If It Was Easy, We’d All Be Sober…

Sobriety isn’t easy. In fact, for most people I’ve come into contact with, it’s a daily struggle. It’s mind over matter. It’s a test of will power. It’s not always easy, but it is possible…

I think about the struggles my husband and I faced the first days of his sobriety. I’ve heard “30 meetings in 30 days” is crucial to making a difference in the beginning. Well, as I’ve said before, I thought all it took was one meeting, a miracle, and then poof! Alcoholism is cured!! 

It was so hard during those first days. Mostly because I was still mad at him for having to go in the first place, but also because I was still so selfish. I was mad that he had to miss dinner time with the family because he had this “problem.” I was mad that I had to do everything by myself when we both got home from work while he went off to his meetings. I didn’t understand. I didn’t get it. 

But the truth is, it’s freaking hard. It might be sunshine and rainbows for some people to quit drinking, but it wasn’t for us. It was a real struggle to learn to control our emotions, which is one of the biggest lessons both my husband and I have learned over the past few years.

All in all, if you’re struggling with sobriety today or know someone who is, you are not alone. If it was easy, we’d all be sober! 


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