Do You Miss It?

I had a close friend recently ask me if I find myself tempted to drink or if I missed it. The knee-jerk thought I had was, Absolutely not! (This response felt more out of obligation than how I truly felt.) But then once I thought about it a while, I realized I didn’t miss drinking because of all of the bad stuff that comes along with it. 

I don’t miss hangovers (for obvious reasons), but more importantly I don’t miss the person I became when I drank. I was selfish, obnoxious (more so than I am sober), made poor decisions, and I was unkind to people I love. I don’t miss that version of myself.

I love being a truer version of myself. Sure, I have to deal with a lot more emotional baggage (from myself), but I think that’s how humans are supposed to be. We aren’t meant to numb feelings and push them aside (what I was notorious for doing). We are meant to feel hurt, anger, happiness, sadness, and joy. 

I’ll take leaning into discomfort and being true to myself over living a life trapped inside an inauthentic reality any day.


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