I don’t want to get caught up in the details of religion, but I do want to talk about prayer. Prayer is something that has changed my life. Sure, I’ve always been a pray-er. I would pray at church, I would pray at holiday meals, and sometimes even when I went to bed at night as a little kid. 

But it wasn’t until the last two years that I began praying intentionally, and my entire life changed. I have a brand new perspective on life every day. I began really seeing “today” as a gift and not “just another day”. I slowly began to broaden my prayers from, “Thank you for my family, amen,” to now writing entire pages full of prayers.

When I notice I’m struggling with an area of life (patience, focus, and/or losing my shit from time to time), I add that thing to my prayer list. There are some things that remain in my prayers day after day and there are some that only need to be mentioned once. 

I have come to enjoy seeing prayers answered, but there are many prayers that remain unanswered. I keep faithfully giving those over to my higher power (HP) every day. I don’t have control over the circumstances I’ll face today, but I do have control over how I will handle them. I choose to pray. My HP doesn’t care how small or how big our problems are today. My HP just wants me to hand over all of my problems.


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