Friendships for the Taking

I can’t stress to you how important friendships are to me. I have life-long friends I’ve had since what seems like infancy. I have friends I’ve known only a few short years. I have new friends I made in the past few months. I have friends I can’t wait to meet out in the world.

You see, I used to have issues making friends when we first became sober. I didn’t want people to know our “little secret”. I distanced myself from people I thought would find out, judge us, or even worse, invite us somewhere there would be alcohol. I played out scenarios in my head about someone offering me or my husband a drink at a get-together and us politely declining. Then my mind would start to race, They found us out! Great! So much for us getting together with them. Now we have to see them every week at the kids’ baseball practice and we’ll be known as the family who doesn’t drink!! (Yes, I’m aware my subconscious can be very dramatic.)

But that’s not what happened at all. When we began opening up to the idea of new friendships, they kind of happened organically and not at all like the ridiculous scenarios in my head. There are good, honest people out there who could care less if you drink. Stop worrying about what others think about you and live your life. (That was a shot directly at myself!) 

Be yourself…you’re absolutely wonderful just the way God made you! 


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