Change is inevitable…the only thing constant is change…there’s one thing you can always count on, things won’t stay the same…

Needless to say, these cliches used to scare the crap out of me! Change?!? I don’t do well with change. Well, I used to not do well with change. Now, I try to adopt the other cliches that can annoy anyone who’s not willing to change. 

Live for today…you only live once…you’re never guaranteed tomorrow…

Okay, I don’t always live by these principles, but I do try to remember that change doesn’t have to be scary. If you have laid some foundational principles of how you are going to live your life, then change doesn’t really matter. Sure, your spouse may get a new job moving you across the state, but that won’t affect who you are as a person. You may have lost a loved one, but that won’t condemn you to never going back to the gym you’ve exercised at for the past year. 

Habits, routines, and daily tasks are what become fundamentally engrained into our beings. If you have established healthy routines for your daily life, then change doesn’t seem so bad. I didn’t say it would be easy (what change ever is?), but (with the right tools in place) coping with change is a lot easier!


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