What a nasty word…Fear! Just thinking about the word brings up memories of horror movies that have made me cringe in my seat, times in my life I’ve wanted to forget, and things in the future I have absolutely no control over. Yes, fear can be a very powerful emotion.

But, although it can be crippling, that’s all fear is…an emotion. It’s not going to kill you. It’s not going to jump out at you and scream “Boo!” Fear is within us. Fear is part of who we are as humans. However, fear can be controlled. This of course takes disciple, practice, and an action plan. 

Whenever I watch a scary movie, which isn’t very often, I know to brace when the main character walks into a dark room with weird sounds or absolute silence. I know something is going to jump out and scare me! It’s inevitable, but I have control over how I will react to it (well, except for the times I involuntarily scream). 

I have an action plan for my fears now. I know certain situations where I feel uncomfortable. I know when I’m around certain people I don’t particularly like to have a plan of how I will react. I know when I’m starting to get anxious and fearful, it’s time to put my plan into motion.

What do you do when fear creeps in? Do you shut down mentally and possibly even physically? Do you succumb powerlessly over to fear? Do you just go with the flow because it’s what you’ve always done?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how long you’ve given into your fears, you CAN overcome them! You can lean into them and emerge on the other side victoriously! I challenge you to write down the fears you want to overcome and then plan out the actions you want to make to take fear down. You can do it!


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