There are so many reasons to write what you are grateful for, but I’m going to share my story of how it changed my life.

Last January, I started a New Years’ resolution (I actually kept one!) to write down 3 things I’m grateful for every day. Although I didn’t do this for 365 days of the year, I managed about 300 days (more or less) and I’m pretty happy with those numbers. 

I wrote something every day and I tried not to repeat my blessings. Most days, it was the mundane and simple things that made it to my paper: coffee, a sunny day, and a healthy family appeared a few times. Other days, my perspective changed entirely from things I “had to do” to things I “get to do”. 

I no longer viewed laundry as this huge task, rather, I looked at it through the lens of being surrounded by these little people I love and a husband who works hard. I have a healthy family and I’m at home doing laundry for them when other people would do anything to have messy children to clean up after. There is someone somewhere right now who wishes all they had to do was laundry for a family of 5 today instead of sitting in a hospital hanging onto their dear ones. 

Yes, my perspective has changed on many things. I complain a lot less than I used to and I can’t help but let thoughts of gratitude seep into my mind when that spoiled little brat in my head wants to complain about someone spilling their juice again for the third time today.

So I challenge you to write down 3 things every day you’re grateful for. Do it on your phone, do it on a post-it, or do it on a napkin, but just do it. I’m sure you can find something to be grateful for today. 

**I’ll get you started if you need help: 

1) You’re alive

2) The Earth revolved around the sun yet another day 

3) You have the means to be on the internet when there are people in the world who have never even seen a computer


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