Talking to Others

So, I know the entire purpose of AA is to create a safe environment for people to share everything without scrutiny or ridicule. And I know Al-Anon was created for the same purpose. But what about friends you become close with over time? People outside of your 12-Step circle. 

We moved about 3 years ago to a new area of our state and starting over making new friends has been a challenge for all of us. I finally have a few close, quality friendships and I feel like not sharing this part of my life with them isn’t necessarily a lie, but an omission of truth. This is such a big part of my life, my past, and my lifestyle that I feel like I should share with one friend in particular. 

I realize by sharing with people outside of the understanding crowds I am opening myself up to the possibility of judgement, but at the same time I know to not share this information with people who would take advantage of me and my story. 

Maybe no one else feels this way, but I get awkward and squirmy (internally) when close friends mention, “We all need to go to this great Mexican restaurant with free margaritas!” or when telling me about a fun party she recently attended with the fancy wine out on the table.

My husband tells me just to say “We don’t drink” and leave it at that, but with a close friendship I feel compelled to explain myself. Anyone else have a situation like this? 


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