A Meeting

I could list lots of “reasons” why I don’t attend more Al-Anon meetings, but the truth is most of the time it’s not convenient. 

I live in a rural area and there aren’t meetings right down the road from me. I have 3 kids who are always needing something (the matyr syndrome tries to sneak in there). I have a husband who needs to attend meetings more often than I do because I can’t worry about him relapsing (this isn’t healthy for anyone). I don’t have time to drop everything I’m doing and go to a meeting right now.

Well, I hate to break it to you (I’m talking to myself), but if you’re not intentional about going to a meeting it will never happen. Life is busy. We all have stuff we “should be doing”, but if you don’t put a meeting as a priority in your life then it won’t ever make it into your schedule.(I’m sorry I’m having a conversation with myself today, but I really needed to hear these words.)

We all need to make things priority in our life that will help us be a better person. Take care of yourself physically. Take care of yourself mentally. Take care of yourself spiritually. Get enough sleep. Get enough rest. Take more deep breaths. Laugh every single day. Cry when you need to cry. Blow off steam in a healthy way when you need to release it.  But whatever you do, do it all intentionally.


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