I grew up in a go, go, go household where we as kids were shuttled to and from numerous activities and sports all through childhood. I loved it! I really thought the more “busy” I was the more productive I was being as well. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I realized not all families are this way. 

He grew up in a family were naps and quiet, personal time was valued. What? But if you’re not moving and being productive every single waking moment of the day, well then you’re just lazy!!! (This was my previous thought pattern…and also what led to my extreme need for perfection in almost all aspects of life.)

I now understand, and might I add I HIGHLY value, the need for quiet time, peace, and rest. Not only on the weekends or when you find time for it. Every day we all need to take some time for peace and rest. I’m not talking about a 4 hour nap every day. I’m talking about 10-15 minutes to be alone, in silence, and being able to look around and recognize your blessings. Take some time for gratitude. Don’t be busy every waking hour of the day or you’ll never take time to really appreciate the present.

Find some time for yourself to rest today…and every single day.


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