I feel like I could write an encyclopedia-sized book on fear. (Everyone knows what an encyclopedia is, right?) We all have fears, every single day. Even when we don’t want to acknowledge those fears, they are there. Some are really big and scary and can be completely crippling. Others are small and subtle and we may not even recognize them as fears.

My true fear confession is this: my husband travels for work every once in a while and that nasty monster fear always tries to come knocking on my door as soon as my husband starts packing his bags. “He’s going to stay in a hotel and be around other people who may want to go to happy hour. Will he go? If he does, will he think about drinking? Will this be the time he falls off the wagon?” All of these thoughts pop into my head about 5 seconds after he tells me he’s going out of town. 

Thankfully, I feel equipped to deal with these fears. Although I know I can’t control my husband or what he does nor can I control these fears that pop into my head, I finally realize I CAN control how I react to those thoughts and fears. I don’t have give power to these thoughts. I can acknowledge them for what they are, take a deep breath, say a prayer, talk about it with someone else, and then move on.

Sounds simple enough, right? I wish I could sit here and tell you this is exactly how I handle my fears each and every day, but I don’t. I’m human. But I’m here and I’m trying…progress, not perfection.


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