The right answer is always there for you, right? I mean, I’m sure you’re never conflicted on whether to stay or go; to pick the medium or the large fries; to go right or go left; or to stay on the beaten path or wander into the woods. Of course you have a level head about which is the right answer every single time.

I’m not really sure who I was talking to there…maybe my HP because that’s the only person I could imagine is making all of the right choices all of the time. I know I struggle with clarity when making decisions. Even with things like:

“Do I send my kids to school in shorts today and a sweater, even though it’s a toss up on how the weather will go?” 

“Am I making the right choice to eat a certain way even though I know there are many other ways I can be eating that are just as healthy (albeit way more confusing)?”

“Did we make the right decision for me to stay at home right now with my kids or should I be working?”

The answers to all of these are simple, even though they can be complicated. The answer is what do you feel in your gut. What is your innermost part of yourself telling you to do? Not what “feels right”…but what you really need to do.  

You know you can always send your kids to school with more clothes in their backpack, even if they never need them. You know what kind of diet or workout routine will stick for you. You know when you need to exercise more. I know I am exactly where I need to be right at this point in my life, but for some reason I fight it. I have clarity smacking me right in the face, but I choose to be difficult. I choose to be unsatisfied with the answer my HP is telling me. That’s my own issue. I have clarity, most of the time, but I choose to be stubborn and not accept it. 

Today, I choose to listen to my HP about the decisions that really matter. I need to stop being so stubborn. I’m a work in progress…progress, not perfection! 


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