What the heck does fishing have to do with alcohol? Well, if you’ve ever been on a lake or gone fishing with my family then you’d understand the obvious reasons. But I’m here to talk about fishing as a metaphor.

We search far and wide for some type of lifestyle or identity that we most relate to. We are fishing for our true selves basically since the day we are born. 

We are searching. We are casting lines into multiple ponds to see if they are worth our time.

Maybe you’ve never been fishing. If that’s the case, let me paint a picture for you:

When you are out on the lake, shoreline, or simply standing on a dock, patience is key. Unless you’re at a place where the fish expect someone to be dropping food right where you are standing, then you must wait. Sometimes you have to reel your line back in and recast out into the water in another spot. Sometimes you’ll get a nibble, but whatever it was stole your bait. Sometimes you’ll catch anything but a fish (i.e. a turtle, a branch, moss, and occasionally get a tree root). Sometimes you’ll catch the big one. All of these examples are life metaphors too. 

We must have patience in life, every day. The things worth having won’t be handed to us, unless we want the easy food that is dropped to the masses. 

Maybe your great idea failed, but don’t lose faith. Just recast your line out into the sea of opportunities in the world and see what else comes up.

Maybe you put all of your faith into something that stole your bait. Perhaps a bad relationship, getting fired from a job, losing someone important to you, or maybe just a really bad day! 

Maybe you cast multiple lines out into the world, only to catch something you had no intention of catching. Be open to the possibility of this thing being useful. If it’s not, toss it back in and cast your line out again.

Maybe you catch the big one! The one you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. But you’ll never know until you cast out your line.


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