Doing Things for the Wrong Reasons

Intentionality has been a concept I have learned to adopt over the past 2 years. Being intentional about what you do in life really slims down the chances that you’re not:

1) wasting time

2) wasting money

3) doing something you’re not supposed to be doing 

4) being somewhere you don’t need to be

5) hanging around people you don’t need to be hanging around

I know when I’m intentional with how I spend time with my kids and my family, I get so much more out of our time together. When you are fully present for the people around you, it’s much easier to enjoy your time together.

When we are intentional with our time and our money we are able to know exactly what we are spending our time and money on; two of our most valuable resources! 

When we are intentional with our time, we know we aren’t wasting it doing things we shouldn’t be doing. What is our purpose? Why are we here? These are two questions to ask ourselves when we get frustrated or find ourselves becoming irritable in a situation. If the answer is “Because this is my family and I need to spend time with them” or “I need to hang out with my best friend who I haven’t seen in a while” then you can focus on your purpose while you’re there.

When I think about being somewhere I don’t need to be, I immediately visualize a bar. I have no business being in a bar unless I have a purpose there. A friend just got married and there’s a reception there, or my brother received a big promotion and is celebrating. I can think of many reasons to be in a bar if there is a celebration, but to simply be in a bar for no reason isn’t being intentional and quite honestly playing with fire for me.

Hanging around people who bring you down is not a way to be intentional with time, money, or even your well being. You know best the toxic people in your life. Don’t hang around them! If you’re related to them or have to be around them (let’s say over the holidays), be intentional about how long you are going to stay before you even walk in. Plan an exit strategy if need be, but don’t waste energy on forcing yourself to be in an environment that doesn’t lead to a good outcome. 

Intentionally living life instead of life just happening to me every day has changed so many aspects of daily living! I get more done when I’m intentional, I have more quality time with my family, I say “No” to things that don’t really matter, and I get to enjoy my relationships more. 

Be intentional today about living the best life you can live…


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