Strength on the Tough Days

One of the best things to come out of our lifestyle change of not drinking has been leaning on something bigger than ourselves when life gets tough. I didn’t realize how reactive I was to life until we started living proactively and giving every situation over to our HP.

What a novel concept, right? Who knew that if you put your faith in something so passionately that miracles could happen?! 

I know I am only sitting here today, happily married with our 3 beautiful boys, and sober because of a power greater than us. I wouldn’t be here where I am without my HP. Neither would my husband. We have had this discussion many times. It’s a concept we are trying to instill in our children as well.

We can’t control everything all of the time, but there is a force greater than us who can. Give everything over to your HP and see how your life can start to change.


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