Why Are We Here?

I created this blog as an outlet to share all of the things I feel like couldn’t be so easily shared with friends of mine who “just don’t get it”. But in reality, I learned something about myself. Most of the stuff I have written about has had to do with fear, being uneasy, or getting out of my comfort zone.

I believe I needed this to remind myself who is in charge. My HP. Not me. I’m a recovering perfectionist so trying to control other people, their actions and behaviors, as well as everything around me is what I know. It’s in my DNA to try to fix everything and everyone. 

I have to stop doing that! I need to realize, every day, that I can only control myself, my behavior, my attitudes, and my actions. I can’t predict what one of my kids will say to me. I can’t regulate all of the drivers on the road who decide to cut me off or speed too close to me on the highway. I can’t restrain my toddler from screaming uncontrollably in the store. I can only control myself and how I react to these situations.

Deep breaths…more deep breaths…prayers…and even more deep breaths seem to do the trick for me. Not always, but they are more productive to the situation than yelling (which happens to be my natural reaction to most situations).

Thank you for being here. Maybe we can figure this life thing out together. 


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