It’s amazing how not drinking has cut down on my anxiety. I have never been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, however, I believe I looked forward to the rush that came with procrastination and waiting until the last minute. 

Now, I don’t even recognize that person who waited on everything! I plan everything, probably a little too much, but I feel like it’s what I can control. Having this attitude has definitely come with its own uphill battles (expectations can be very disappointing if held too high), but overall I feel like a more productive member of society than I used to be.

Sure, I still got stuff done in the past. And I didn’t always half-ass everything. But now…I get it done with a clear head, before the deadline, and with quality work every time. Not just on the off-chance…every time.

This applies to many areas of my life, but mostly tasks that involves my family. I feel that they are now getting the whole version of me and not only the leftovers of a train wreck.

Maybe that applies to you too. I’m not sure. But I know that being prepared and showing up every day doesn’t have near as many consequences as just “seeing how things pan out”. So today, I’m here. I don’t have it together 100%, but I’m trying and I’m planning to hit my goals for today. One day at a time, right?


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