Even the Hard Days

Even the tough days are a blessing. I remember one day, while my husband and I sat in therapy, I was asked what in particular drove me to being so upset with my husband. My answers ranged from the tiniest thing to the (in my mind) most atrocious behavior.

Then the therapist asked me, “So is he still drinking every day?”

“Well, No…”

“Is he leaving the house and not coming home? Or is he driving after he’s been drinking?”


“Has he tried to physically abuse you?”

“No! Absolutely not.”

Perspective. That is what I gained that day in therapy. While my husband may not be perfect (I’m still working on not holding him to those expectations), he is damn sure trying. Otherwise, he would still be drinking and making other poor decisions that affect our family.

He’s sober today. We are sober today. That sounds like a win in my book!


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