The Ego…A Terrible Roommate 

Without trying to dig out terms from an Intro to Psychology class I took nearly a decade ago (I’ll be honest, I don’t remember them all anyway), I will describe in every day terms how my ego (maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone’s ego) behaves on a daily basis.

She’s a lunatic. My ego, we’ll name her Luna, has always had issues with me talking about her negatively or in ways that don’t shine the highest and brightest spotlight available.

Luna likes things bright, happy, and shiny. God forbid a sad or negative feeling step in to say, “Hey, I won’t be here long. I’m just in town a for a funeral. I’ll be gone by next week.” No no. That’s unacceptable. Luna doesn’t cry. Luna isn’t weak. Luna is strong. She doesn’t need anyone to help her get through the tough times. She can manage on her own.

Well, like a terrible roommate I’m done with, I’ve given Luna an eviction notice. The terms are: 

“Either shape or ship out! I’m done with you bossing around the emotions that are just trying to help. They are part of us. There is plenty of room for everyone here. Yes, it sucks when sadness comes in and leaves little crumbs all over the place. Or when anger comes in and rips all of the wall paper off the walls (except in the dining room for some reason). 

Get your shit together or you’re out on the street, honey! I’m done with you ruining the party around here and being so rude to our guests. They don’t come for long. Yes, I know they all want to visit at the same time around the holidays, but we have to accept all of them. They won’t stay long. Besides, you still have your party girl Happy with you and it’s pretty tough to bring her down.”

Luna and I have worked hard on our roommate situation and I am pleased to say she is behaving better now. She cleans up her own messes and has even apologized for stuff that happened a few years ago. I think our future is really bright together…as long as she remembers who pays the rent around here! 


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