Grape Juice

I find myself still searching for that glass of wine that will just take the edge off. That will make the stress calm down for just a little bit. That will make the challenges of raising three small kids just a little bit easier. 

But, thankfully, I never find it. I only search figuratively because I know there is really no booze on the house. Even if there was wine, I wouldn’t take a drink. I’m just searching for the “easy button” to make my crazy thoughts go away.

Sometimes at the dinner table, I’ll have a glass of grape juice in a fancy glass. I’ll imagine it’s an intoxicating liquid followed by pure peace upon swallowing. 

Then I’ll get snapped back to reality as soon as someone slams their fork on the table or spills their milk. Taking a deep breath is a much better alternative and has a longer lasting effect. What also works is saying a prayer to make it to bath time without losing my shit.

These may not be the best coping mechanisms, but they seem to work for me…


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